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Canada's Online Grocery Price Book

Revolutionize your shopping strategy with a price book. A price book is a listing of prices of all the groceries that you've bought. This list will help you detect price cycles, spot "real" bargains, and plan your shopping trips for maximum savings.

The price book works by having consumers, like you, report local grocery prices so that everyone can compare prices and see where the cheapest prices can be found. All we need is for everybody to contribute a little. By combining our efforts, we will achieve the confidence and power to save on groceries by verifying good prices with months of records.

The price book should only be as much work as you want it to be, you can add only a single grocery purchase a week and that would be enough. There's no rule that you have to include every grocery item you ever buy. Help us make it easier to find the cheapest grocery prices by signing up and reporting prices for your area.

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