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Please note that does not represent nor have any affiliations with No Frills.
No Frills is a discount grocery store owned by Loblaw and has many locations in the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Alberta and British Columbia. No Frills carries major national brands and exclusive brands such as Teddy's Choice, No Name, President's Choice and President's Choice Organics which is a line of organic food. They have a great flyer providing great grocery products at great prices. Some stores feature a pharmacy known as Drugstore Pharmacy. In order to maintain low prices, No Frills customers have to bag their own groceries. Grocery shoppers are also expected to provide their own bags in order to save the store expense of plastic bags, although they are available for purchase you should bring your own reusable bags for environmental purposes. As an alternative, product shipping boxes are provided to the customers to use to transport their groceries, further reducing the need for plastic bags.
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