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5   Responses

Flyer week: Dec 27, 13 - Jan 02, 14

commented on Jan 2 2014 3:16PM
If this flyer exists where is is it and how do I enter the contest?

Flyer week: Jan 18, 13 - Jan 24, 13

JC Noren - JC
commented on Jan 18 2013 4:14PM
Agree with Nicole, I can't find Sobeys liquor store flier. They do have paper fliers so if the flyer exsists on line I haven't been able to find it. Safeway does but Sobeys doesn't, Sobeys is loosing out of business.

Flyer week: Dec 16, 11 - Dec 22, 11

Nicole - Nothing Makes Sense
commented on Dec 20 2011 8:32AM
I have repeated tried to find a liquor store flyer, it doesn't matter which store but it is impossible to find. Why is that??????

Flyer week: Oct 28, 11 - Nov 03, 11

Darlene Mitc** - Flyer won't open
commented on Nov 1 2011 10:16AM
I have the same issue as Pat. it has taken me hours to find the sobeys flyer and it still wont open

Flyer week: Dec 18, 09 - Dec 24, 09

long john dong
commented on Dec 19 2009 11:35AM
nice long cucumbers

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