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9   Responses

Flyer week: Feb 12, 14 - Feb 18, 14

John Jacob - Students at school
commented on Feb 12 2014 9:29AM
can you make it so us students doing school projects can browse your prices and what not.

P.S. This isn't my real name

Flyer week: Feb 20, 13 - Feb 26, 13

Patricia M Kane - Gluten free foods
commented on Feb 20 2013 10:32PM
Since I don't get out to shop I use Sendial phone & delivery. I would like to see more Gluten Free items added into your flyer as I am unable to get to your store to see what you have. I'm sure there are more Celiac people out there who would appreciate it also, how about one full page for gluten free?? I'd really appreciate it. Patricia

Flyer week: Apr 11, 12 - Apr 17, 12

Giannis Iakovakis - Product Promotion
commented on Apr 11 2012 4:07AM

ΠΡΟΣ: 1 παραλήπτης

Προβολή λεπτομερειών

We are a small group of high quality honey producers from Greece and we would like to promote our produce in your store.Could you inform us as to how we can provide you with samples of our produce so that you can decide if it meets your standards and you are interested in it?

Thank you

Giannis Iakovakis

Flyer week: Jan 25, 12 - Jan 31, 12

stacey - bring the flyer out early.
commented on Jan 25 2012 4:00PM
I would also like to see the flyer out earlier than the morning it is in effect, so I can order for the following day or week in advance and know what the specials are.

Also, if I gave Thrifty's a few re-usable bags, could I get my grocercies delivered in them, instead of the plastic ones that are overflowing my cupborad. Thanks

Flyer week: Nov 16, 11 - Nov 22, 11

Irene - Plastic bags
commented on Nov 17 2011 12:23PM
Have you thought about using the biodegradable plastic bags?

Flyer week: Aug 24, 11 - Aug 30, 11

Anne Balding - Plastic bags
commented on Aug 24 2011 4:18AM
I am writing this to ask you not to bring back plastic bags and to encourage people to bring their own reusable bags by offering the first one free for instance.

Flyer week: Jun 30, 10 - Jul 06, 10

jeanni ferry - flyer
commented on Jul 6 2010 8:28PM
as I live on Denman island and like to make my list on Tues nite, could you possible put your new flyer on line say at 7 or 8 p.m. so that I can get my list organized for town. I shop at more than one store but do like thrifty's and would appreciate yr doing this as the other stores do it and it is so easy then to have everything done at once. Thank you

Flyer week: Apr 07, 10 - Apr 13, 10

Murielle - April 9, 210
commented on Apr 9 2010 12:34PM
I enjoy looking at your flyer on line, so well done, I most particularly appreciate that we know
where the products are coming from, California,
Canada,etc. It is a nice place to shop, clean, bright, a pleasant weekly experience. I am afraid
that Save-On Food will have to up-grade their standard or -----????. Murielle

Flyer week: Jan 06, 10 - Jan 12, 10

Margaret - Service and etc.
commented on Jan 12 2010 2:07PM
I recently found your store and what a lovely surprise it was.
Staff is so helpful, first class selection of food,nice clean,and washrooms are spotless.
I can't say enough wonderful things about your and it is worth the drive from Richmond to Twawssen for the pleasure of shopping in your store.
Sure gives Save-on Foods a new goal to reach.
I also want say how nice it is to see mature women and men with some life experiences working for you too.
Keep up the good work.

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