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25   Responses

Flyer week: Mar 01, 12 - Mar 07, 12

Pissedoff consumer - Horrible site
commented on Mar 1 2012 11:40AM
You guys suck so bad making me waste my time here looking for bargains, please jump off a cliff and save us some grief!

Flyer week: Jul 28, 11 - Aug 03, 11

interested - looking for
commented on Jul 31 2011 10:58PM
how about putting some real food in your flyiers? Not a beer drinker!!!

Flyer week: May 19, 11 - May 25, 11

bob - in agreement
commented on May 25 2011 12:45PM
like all others..their comments are more helpful than this site...YUKKKKKKKK

Flyer week: May 05, 11 - May 11, 11

Lise - provigo
commented on May 5 2011 10:22AM
J`aimerais bien faire ma commande chez provigo mais on a de la misere a recevoir le publisac . donc, je fais ma commande ailleurs.Parfois je recois le publisac le vendredi ( quand je l`ai )mais c`est deja trop tard , tant pour vous.

Flyer week: Dec 16, 10 - Dec 22, 10

Linda Ferreira - confusing
commented on Dec 16 2010 11:27AM
This flyer website is terrible, its complicated, time consuming. When I access a flyer website I expect to be able to view the pages of the flyer. I won't waste my time over this website.
Thank you

Flyer week: Dec 09, 10 - Dec 15, 10

matts - flyer
commented on Dec 11 2010 6:52AM
this flyer is garbage.

Flyer week: Nov 18, 10 - Nov 24, 10

Monique - Pas de circulaire?
commented on Nov 24 2010 9:16AM
Je ne reçois pas votre circulaire et je pensais pourvoir connaitre vos spéciaux de la semaine sur votre site internet.

Tant pis! J'irai chez Métro.

Flyer week: Nov 04, 10 - Nov 10, 10

commented on Nov 4 2010 7:06AM
Your web page is totally garbage.It seems no one can access it.Maybe you should think about making it easier like IGA & METRO or remove your web site and stop waisting the publics time.

Flyer week: Oct 28, 10 - Nov 03, 10

cheryl - flyers
commented on Oct 28 2010 12:47PM
there is nothing wrong with the flyers it si that you dont know how to do it this flyer site is fine all you have to do is roll down the page at the bottom of the page you will see the flyer all you have to do then is click on were it says flyer. i hope this helps some of you out there that are haveing trouble viewing the flyers.

Flyer week: Sep 30, 10 - Oct 06, 10

Jack - What a mess!
commented on Oct 6 2010 4:12AM
What a trashy site! Nobody has time to go through all this nonsense just to look at a flyer. And why aren't yuou listed with all the other stores on the common flyer website? Sorry, folks, this isn';t good enough. Get yourselves a top-flight technician and rework the whole thing.

Flyer week: May 13, 10 - May 19, 10

commented on May 16 2010 3:51AM
flyer works fine... option for french or english is there ...i believe it works with a "flash" player some browsers may need an update for the flyer to open.

Flyer week: Apr 08, 10 - Apr 14, 10

Caro - Flyer
commented on Apr 8 2010 2:38AM
Flyer cannot be opened

Flyer week: Mar 18, 10 - Mar 24, 10

louise theberge - circulaire=flyer
commented on Mar 18 2010 10:55AM
I cannot reach the flyer or circulaire. Provigo should go see IGA or Metro and see what is working properly... So off I go to IGA and Metro only for my shopping...

Flyer week: Mar 04, 10 - Mar 10, 10

pat mccormick - road to no-where
commented on Mar 6 2010 7:52AM
for the last couple of months, I have not been able to reach any retail outlet --- provigo, loblaw, maxi flyer..... so I have shopped amongst those which I have reached. Less agvavation, the better.

Flyer week: Feb 25, 10 - Mar 03, 10

Lorraine - Horrible
commented on Feb 26 2010 2:42PM
This is the worst site I have ever visited. So confusing. When I want to access a flyer I want the quickest way to get to it. Your webmaster should take a lesson from the competition. Other stores make it much easier to access the info people want.

Flyer week: Feb 18, 10 - Feb 24, 10

Shirley - no flyer pas de circulaire
commented on Feb 23 2010 12:13PM
i like provigo but dont go if i cant see 72 yrs old cant run all over

Mike - satisfied with website
commented on Feb 23 2010 7:53AM
The flyer & instructions are in French.(chase provigo if you think should be English).

To see the flyer page by page click on 'afficher l'article' ~ it always works fine for me.[& I'm old,:)]

Admin - Understand your frustration, love to help
commented on Feb 20 2010 8:03AM
Can anyone give me a bit more detail on the problem you're experiencing? For starters, are you seeing the Provigo website? If so, are you not able to see the flyer after selecting the city and location? Has anyone tried clicking on the "HELP" link located at the top right corner, it's right under "Report broken link". Also, which internet browser are you using (FireFox, Internet Explorer 6,7,8 or Safari, etc.). Apologize for all the frustration and would love to help everyone resolve the issue.

m - does not load
commented on Feb 18 2010 1:56PM
flyer does not load

Flyer week: Feb 11, 10 - Feb 17, 10

commented on Feb 16 2010 5:08PM
Where is the ** flier?

commented on Feb 16 2010 5:07PM
Where is the ** flier?

Flyer week: Jan 14, 10 - Jan 20, 10

Rheal - flyers
commented on Jan 18 2010 12:24PM
what a **ed up site can't view flyer

Flyer week: Dec 10, 09 - Dec 16, 09

commented on Dec 10 2009 7:35AM
cannot open flyer /waste of time

Flyer week: Dec 03, 09 - Dec 09, 09

manon - web site not good at all
commented on Dec 7 2009 9:03PM
I cannot open flyer
cannot find myself tru the website
all other grocery stores much better
too complicated
why loose time to pick my store, I dont care I just want to see the flyers

Flyer week: Nov 05, 09 - Nov 11, 09

cc cc
commented on Nov 5 2009 11:17PM


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